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We are experiencing a tremendous increase in illness within the community.  The volume of incoming phone calls and requests for appointments is unprecedented. Our providers and staff are working additional hours to increase the number of available urgent care slots. Everyone at PPA is working above and beyond to take each call and address your needs. We ask that for prescription requests/refills, please press 2 and leave a message on the refill line. Anything non urgent, please send a mychart message. You may wish to consider avoiding our high demand times that include Monday all day and 8:30-10:30am Tuesday – Friday.  Finally, when you do speak with a staff member please remember to be kind and patient with us. We are working hard to get through this time but we are a limited resource.  We appreciate your understanding.

At this time our COVID vaccine supply is limited. We are currently unable to book any COVID vaccine appointments.

Once our supply starts to increase, we will notify our patients here. Please stay tuned for up-to-date information!


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