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Kid laying on couch holding a tablet.

Screen Time: How Much Time Is Too Much For Kids?

Televisions, smartphones, computers, and tablets are all devices both adults and children use for information, entertainment, and social interaction. As with most modern conveniences, it is best to use them in moderation. Unfortunately, many kids (and adults) spend too much time looking at screens. How much screen time is too much for kids?

Our Statement on Magellan Diagnostics

Plymouth Pediatric Associates (“PPA”) is aware of the accusations against former executives of Magellan Diagnostics, Inc. around knowledge of defective products that gave inaccurate results being sold to customers from 2013 – 2017. PPA did not use products from this company during that timeframe. Magellan Diagnostics, Inc. was acquired by Meridian Bioscience in March 2016.

Kids playing outside.

Spring Health & Safety Guide for Parents

Spring is here! The time of year when kids are chomping at the bit to get outside. After being cloistered in the house for months and only allowed outside for brief periods, now they are looking forward to spending hours outside in the spring weather. With all that future fun on the horizon, it might


What To Expect During Your Child’s Well-Child Visit

Just as adults need to see their physician at least once a year for a wellness visit, so do children. You wouldn’t hesitate to take them if they are sick, but it’s just as beneficial to take them when they are not. It’s a way to be sure your child is developing according to certain


Does My Child Need Speech Therapy?

Proud parents may gush over their two year old’s baby talk, but if they are still using the same mispronunciations when they are four or five years old, something is probably off. It might be time to ask: does my child need speech therapy? The earlier your child is evaluated, the easier it will be

blowing nose

Helping Your Child Navigate Through Spring Allergy Season

Spring is great! Well, maybe not so much if you suffer with seasonal allergies. You know the drill with sneezing, itchy eyes, and needing to blow your nose continuously. It’s bad enough when you are the one suffering, but it’s harder to deal with if it’s your little one. Helping your child navigate through spring